Dreher On Same-Sex Marriage

Here is an important post by Rod Dreher on the same-sex marriage issue.  In it Dreher argues that social conservatives have lost the fight over same-sex marriage and suggests that we retreat to a more defensible position:  religious freedom.  If we are destined by demography and by the defective philosophical anthropology underlying contemporary culture to loose the fight over same-sex marriage, then perhaps we should stop worrying so much about legalizing same-sex marriage start thinking about how to minimize the damage when it comes while keeping open the possibility of moral renewal at some later point in time.  Dreher is skeptical however that proponents of same-sex marriage will be willing to compromise:

I think a sufficient number of social conservatives could be convinced to yield on gay marriage if we could be assured that our religious institutions would be left alone. This could be accomplished, I think — lawyers, correct me if I’m wrong — if gay marriage were granted statutorily, instead of ordered by a court as part of civil rights jurisprudence. But as I indicate in the column, I don’t think gay activists want any part of that — they want full equality in every sense of the word. And I believe, along with Marc D. Stern and Eugene Volokh that having secured marriage rights in civil rights jurisprudence, gay activists will not be content to leave churches, synagogues and mosques alone, but will press hard to punish them for adhering to traditional religious teaching about homosexuality.  


One thought on “Dreher On Same-Sex Marriage

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